$40/day strike childcare allowance costing gov’t millions

As parents scramble to make childcare arrangements in response to the suspended start of the school year, the B.C. government is telling parents they can register online to cover costs – a program that could cost B.C. taxpayers as much as $12 million a day.

For every B.C. student 12 years-old or younger, parents can apply to receive $40 for each day of school missed during the labour.

Parents, primary caregivers, and legal guardians will need to register at bcparentinfo.ca
and provide their child’s name, date of birth, school, and address.

Payments will not go out until 30 days after the end to the labour dispute, so the upfront cost of childcare on Tuesday will be the responsibility of parents.

However, the government has hinted some cash could be sent out early if the strike drags on, but it is not clear when that will be.

The payments are non-taxable grants, so it will not affect income assistance payments, tax benefits or credits, or other childcare subsidies.

Parents will also not need to provide receipts and they are free to do what they want with the money once it is paid.

The grants come as two surveys on the measure show public opinion on the measure is low.

An Angus Reid poll showed only 39 per cent of B.C. residents think the measure is genuinely helpful and 61 per cent believe the BC Liberal government is playing politics with the measure.

Another survey paid for by the BC Federation of Labour shows 76 per cent of B.C. residents – and 66 percent Liberal voters – think the money should go back into education rather than to parents.

Parents wishing to teach their kids at home can access the curriculum for their child on the B.C. government website

More to come…

Source Article from http://bc.ctvnews.ca/40-day-strike-childcare-allowance-costing-gov-t-millions-1.1986100
$40/day strike childcare allowance costing gov’t millions
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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