Celebrating two decades of childcare at Karalee

KARALEE Childcare Centre has celebrated reaching its milestone 20th birthday with a family morning tea.

Centre Director Kathy Broderick said the strong sense of community at the centre had remained unchanged over the past two decades.

“It’s very community-minded, this is like a second home to most children,” she said.

“Some of the parents also class us as a second family.

“Our biggest aim is to ensure the kids are happy and learning.”

Mrs Broderick said that the staff and students had a large focus on the environment and tried to involve nature in their everyday activities.

“We had a lot of parents and grandparents come to the 20th birthday morning tea, which was held out in our natural play area,” she said.

“The kids were happy to show them around.

“We have rocks, a garden, a picnic area and a worm farm that the kids are all involved with.”

The centre hosts a range of community events including a Mother’s Day morning tea, Carols by Torchlight and a Kindergarten graduation party.

Mrs Broderick said that Karalee Childcare Centre catered for children aged from zero to five.

She said the centre focused on early learning at all stages of young life.

“All our learning is done through play, here the children help make decisions as well as the educators,” she said.

Source Article from http://www.qt.com.au/news/celebrating-two-decades-of-childcare/2444675/
Celebrating two decades of childcare at Karalee
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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