Childcare centre at workplace, a relief for working parents

3rd October, 2014

KUALA LUMPUR: As for the thousands of working parents in the country, the question that haunts them is where they could leave their children when they go to work.

Though the services of maids, nurseries and babysitters are often the top choices for most working parents today, reports of neglect, abuse and death in the hands of the people entrusted to take care of their children as of late means there is no peace of mind for them while at work.

Then there is the cost and distance factor that puts many working parents especially in the big cities in a fix. The cost of employing a maid or a babysitter can prove to be exorbitant, and they are left with the option to send their children to an affordable babysitter who lives far away.

There is an easy way out, one of the parents quit work and stay at home to take care of the children. However, this is a difficult option for young families in big cities where both the husband and wife have to earn to manage with the high cost of living. Therefore, none of the choices are easy for any working parents.
Childcare centre at workplaces

The government, being aware of the problems faced by working parents and acknowledging the contributions of the women workforce to the country, encouraged the setting up of childcare centres at work places.

Unlike in the West, however, the idea has yet to catch up with most employers here.

Early this year, a leading banking group CIMB Holdings Berhad, in partnership with Krista Education, took the lead in setting up a child care centre for its employees, an established early childhood education service provider.

The childcare centre, Krista @MBC, is located at the Bumiputra-Commerce Tower (MBC) in Jalan Raja Laut, here.

It was the first childcare centre for CIMB employees, that serves as both daycare and early childhood learning centre.

How the centre could benefit the bank

CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, Group Chief People Officer Hamidah Naziadin said; . “We know our employees want a safe environment and quality care for their kids. The main reason for the establishment of our day care centre is to help and motivate our employees to perform their duties well. It will also help in their productivity because now they could enjoy a peace of mind knowing their kids are in the same building”.

Moreover, parents could drop in at the centre to see their children anytime. This is a great relief for both the child and the parents.

As another token of appreciation for its employees, the bank provides a monthly subsidy of RM600 for the parents sending their children to the daycare centre. The banking group also plans to build more childcare centres at other main CIMB buildings.

An employee of the bank Rozani Ghazali said he chose to send his son Amar,6, to the centre because of the comprehensive learning programme offered there.

“I’m satisfied with Krista as I could see Amar’s progression and he has improved a lot in his English”, he said.

Hamidah pointed out Krista Education was chosen after a rigorous screening process.

“It is a well-established childhood education provider that offers holistic programme for children, besides its flexible operating hours that suit the banking sector employees who have to work long hours.

Krista Education Managing Director, Seng Chee said; “We are honored to collaborate with CIMB. This is Krista’s first workplace childcare centre which could accommodate a maximum of 50 children and has 10 trained teachers and caretakers.

“To date, the education company owns 100 kindergartens and childcare centres nationwide. At MBC itself, 19 employees of the bank have registered their children with the daycare centre and more staff are expected to send their children there in the future.

It is hoped that more businesses will emulate CIMB in providing childcare centres for their employees, to help alleviate the burden faced by many working parents.

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Childcare centre at workplace, a relief for working parents
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