Childcare costs up by a third in just five years

In general, prices have continued to increase at levels above the rate of
inflation, the report reveals.

The cost of full-time nursery care has risen to a staggering £11,000 a year,
the report found.

The survey found that across Britain, it now costs around £115.45 on average
to send a child aged under two to nursery for 25 hours a week – a total of
£6,003 per year. This is the first time that these costs have broken through
this barrier, the trust said.

“Over the last five years, while there have been deep cuts to other public
services, the coalition Government has increased spending on childcare,” the
report said.

“But despite this welcome investment, this year’s survey finds childcare
prices have continued to increase and the gaps in provision remain unfilled.

“The reality is that for too many families it simply does not pay to work.”

A Department for Education spokesman said: “We understand that the cost of
childcare can be an issue for many parents, but this report only relates to
the prices parents pay after they receive the Government’s offer of 15 hours
of free childcare.

“It therefore neglects the record amount of fully funded childcare we are
giving – savings worth a maximum of almost £9,000 per child.

It came as Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said that under Liberal
Democrat plans, working parents of very young children would be offered 15
hours of free early education a week, saving families about £2,600 a year.

There would also be a universal entitlement to free childcare for all
two-year-olds, potentially saving parents thousands of pounds each year, and
a pledge to boost funding for poor pre-schoolers.

However, he will face criticism from tens of thousands of stay at home mothers
amid accusations that the Government is attempting to force women who choose
to look after their children back into the workplace.

Mr Clegg has already said that one million more women should be in work within
five years.

Those plans have faced heavy criticism from groups including Mothers At Home
Matter, who have accused the Government of ignoring the needs of women who
choose to remain at home to look after their children.

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Childcare costs up by a third in just five years
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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