Childcare Network Connects Searching Families with Personal Referrals Using Mom Trusted

MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —, the leading early education referral network, announced today that Childcare Network has signed on to use Mom Trusted to reach families searching for early education and care. Childcare Network will use the company’s platform to create a new-level of online, mobile, and social capabilities. Mom Trusted’s social referral technology will enable Childcare Network to reach hundreds of thousands of searching families with testimonials and personal, parent-to-parent referrals about their centers.

“When we heard about Mom Trusted, it seemed like the perfect partner for Childcare Network,” says Childcare Network’s Director of Marketing, Stephanie Forsberg. “Parents have always relied on word of mouth when choosing a program for their child to attend. Between work, family, raising children and the hectic lifestyles we lead, there isn’t as much time for parents to sit down with friends and just talk. Most Moms are now staying connected through social media and are using the internet more when searching for child care. Mom Trusted has provided a way for these parents to use their social media community of friends to gather referrals for child care programs. We knew that our current parents and parents looking for a program for their child would love to connect with each other and receive referrals from the people they trust, their friends and family.”

Mom Trusted enables families to find care providers trusted by their friends and allows companies to connect their online, social media, and referral marketing strategies in a direct, measurable way.

“We are excited to work with Childcare Network. Technology has changed how today’s parents search, but it has not changed that over 90% of families want a personal recommendation for childcare and preschool. Showing a prospective family you are trusted by parents they know and trust is what every parent and every business wants. Mom Trusted’s social referral technology bridges that gap,” says Chaz Giles, Mom Trusted CEO.

Childcare Network has activated their 200 centers on Mom Trusted. Searching families will be able to ask questions and get parent-to-parent recommendations from Childcare Network’s 24,000+ current and alumni families.

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Childcare Network Connects Searching Families with Personal Referrals Using Mom Trusted
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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