Childcare not council's job

Senior reporter SEAN FORD gives current affairs a good going over

THE Burnie City Council is right to be getting out of childcare.

A council running childcare services makes no sense, especially when there are perfectly good private sector operators out there.

Sean Ford

Sean Ford

Ending its involvement with childcare centres will continue the council’s recent trend of stepping back from areas where it should not be involved.

Running a cafe on council wages at the Makers’ Workshop comes to mind.

Getting rid of Burnie Sports & Events was another positive, and the council would do well to get out of IT (Tas Communications) and airport ownership (the Burnie Airport Corporation) as well.

On childcare, there is a level of angst in the community.

People generally don’t like having their cheese moved.

There seems no reason to suspect the council’s childcare services are not high-quality, and one has never heard a word of complaint against the staff.

But there is no reason for a council to provide childcare.

Most of us would consider it ridiculous for a council to start providing physiotherapy services, GP clinics, car washes, primary schools or residential carpet cleaning.

A council in 2014 providing childcare services when there are plenty of private sector operators either already in town or with potential to enter the market is equally ridiculous.

It may seem less so, only because the council childcare services have existed for a long time.

But ridiculous is ridiculous.

The aldermen are to be applauded for voting to do the right thing, regardless of potential political fallout.

The serious allegations made by the Integrity Commission against senior health staffers Jane Holden and Gavin Austin should, of course, be dealt with thoroughly.

However, they are by no means the end of the matter.

If the allegations are true, they raise further serious questions about the system itself.

As in how were such things – if they did happen – allowed to happen?

Again and again?

If the allegations are true, or substantially true, it will become clear there was a major failure of management, at departmental and, indeed, government level.

If this costs heads, it should be well more than two.

All that said, the problems in the state’s health system are much wider than these allegations and any related failure of management and of government.

Regardless of issues which may interest the Integrity Commission, there remains a massive amount of waste and inefficiency in the health system.

With federal funds tightening up, it becomes imperative that this is addressed properly.

The only possibility, otherwise, is a dysfunctional system becoming even more so.

To the ongoing detriment of patients.

Who are the only reason to have a health system.

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Childcare not council's job
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