Expense of Childcare Leaves Little Choice for Some Parents


CASEY, Iowa — Lisa LaCore knows firsthand how expensive childcare can be. She quit her job to stay home with young children to save money on childcare and she’s been watching others people’s kids at her home ever since.

“The way the economy is right now a lot of people right now are struggling to pay their own bills and make ends meet,” says LaCore.
Unless parents can afford to stay home, LaCore says, “there are no other options for a lot of people.”

According to a national study by Childcare Aware of America, Iowa ranks 29th as an affordable childcare state. According to the study, parents pay around $9,000 for an infant child care a year in Iowa. In comparison, the cost of tuition at Iowa State is only $7,000 per year.

It’s a sticker shock for many families but some say it’s the price they are willing to pay.

“I pay more for child care in a month than my mortgage. Good child care is worth it though. I’ve been in a couple of very shady places that were cheaper options,” says Owen Turk.

However, LaCore says cost is not the only thing parents need to consider.

“I think the important thing is finding someone you trust regardless of cost, that’s the biggest thing; knowing that you kids will be well taken care of.”

Neighboring states rank from least affordable to most affordable:
#4: Minnesota
#7: Illinois
#28: Nebraska
#30: Missouri

Source Article from http://whotv.com/2014/12/10/expense-of-childcare-leaves-little-choice-for-some-parents/
Expense of Childcare Leaves Little Choice for Some Parents
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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