First emergency childcare centre

CONVENIENT: The Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre is believed to be the first of its kind in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: MAYBANK has established an emergency daycare centre for children of employees, aimed at providing drop-in emergency childcare facilities or backup childcare services.

The centre, called the Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre (MT3C) is believed to be the first childcare centre of its kind to operate on an emergency basis in Malaysia.

MT3C aims to support employees by ensuring that while at the centre, their children are in a safe environment with high-quality care, coupled with engaging and educational activities to benefit the children.

The centre, which is made available for employees when their regular caregiver is unavailable, caters to children from three months to six years old.

The centre complements Maybank’s holistic policies that include a Flexible Work Arrangement Policy, 90 days’ maternity leave, paternity leave, provision for delivery charges for eligible employees to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Maybank has a range of financial assistance, subsidies and recognition programmes for employees and their children as well as various well-being programmes.

Maybank’s group chief human capital officer Nora Manaf said that it was in line with the Group’s commitment to ensure that Maybank is innovative in delivering support to staff in pursuit of highly productive yet caring employer value proposition.

“The setting up of the MT3C reinforces this commitment through the inclusion of childcare services as part of our family-friendly practices,” she said.

“The availability of such a centre at the workplace will help to alleviate the anxiety of parents who face emergency situations, and allow them to focus on their work with the assurance that their children are well taken care of, resulting in better productivity and work quality.”

Nora said that the children will be cared for by qualified Maybank staff including those with nursing qualifications. Employees chosen to work at the centre are equipped with skills acquired from the Permata Childcare and Early Education Course (Kursus Asas Asuhan Permata).

“The centre will provide a stimulating environment for the children.

“Employees are given equal opportunity to bring their children in subject to the maximum number of spaces per day, as opposed to a select fewer number of employees who are able to utilise the centre if it offers full-time childcare.

“This allows the group to assist larger numbers of employees in times of need.”

Located on the grounds of Menara Maybank, the centre caters to children of employees from the Klang Valley.

The service will be made available on a case-to-case basis for staff across all grades, given proof that an emergency situation has occurred such as when regular caregivers are ill, unavailable and time is needed to search for a new arrangement, the child’s school is closed due to unexpected circumstances or either parent is unavailable due to unexpected circumstances.

Wan Musfirah Aimi, a Maybank employee who has a 4-year-old son, said: “The staff of MT3C are friendly and skilled. The centre is equipped with great activities scheduled for the kids to fill up their free time. Excellent!”

Steven Pragasam, who has a daughter aged three and a son who is turning two soon, added that the ambience of MT3C is great and that he would send his children to MT3C should the need arise.

Maybank employees carrying out an activity of the activities at the Maybank Tiger Cubs Childcare Centre.

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First emergency childcare centre
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