Free Childcare Resource Service Goes Nationwide

MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —, a site dedicated to helping parents find childcare and local preschool providers, now reaches nationwide.

“While people from all states have always been able to register with us, we now have preschool and childcare center information everywhere to make it easier for parents to find care no matter where they live,” said Angela Conley, president and co-founder of

Conley co-founded in an effort to make finding reliable childcare easier for parents after she struggled to find care for her own daughter. She hopes Mom Trusted’s new wide reach will help even more parents find the daycare and preschool option they’re seeking.

After starting in Cincinnati, and quickly expending to the rest of Ohio, California, New York, Florida, and Texas, the site has been gaining serious momentum. Now, parents around the country can join thousands of families seeking high quality childcare on Mom Trusted.

Families all over the U.S. can use Mom Trusted to access free information about early education and childcare options, customized to their location. The website breaks down everything from the learning philosophies to the age boundaries of each care center listed. Plus, it connects parents with others who have experience with the care provider. Mom Trusted even helps parents schedule a tour, request information packets, and check availability directly from the web platform.

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Free Childcare Resource Service Goes Nationwide
childcare – Yahoo! News Search Results
childcare – Yahoo! News Search Results

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