Glasgow has lowest level of childcare

The study of childcare provision shows in the city there are 55 registered childcare services per 10,000 children.

Across Scotland the number is almost double, at 104, and the highest in the mainland is Angus with 161.

The detailed report has been produced by the Care Inspectorate, which said there was a concern regarding choice of care in dep­rived areas, with fewer childminders.

The report showed Glasgow to have 221 nurseries of which 45% were council run which is lower than the rest of Scotland where 60% of nurseries are run by a local authority.

The ratio of services to children in Glasgow was almost half that in Edinburgh and lagged behind the other major cities.

Glasgow had 55 per 10,000 children aged 0 to 15. In Edinburgh, it was 100, Aberdeen 89 and Dundee 113.

However, the city had an average of 42 children attending each service compared to 23.2 for Scotland. In Edinburgh it was only 31.

The city had fewer childminders with only 18 registered childminding services per 10,000 children.

The G46 postcode had the most in the city with 24 childminding services.

The overall number of childcare providers was highest in Glasgow in G33 with 48, which is far lower than the highest in other cities.

The Care Inspectorate said there are fewer daycare providers, but that has been offset by an increase in childminders.

Annette Bruton, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: “These figures paint a picture of how children are looked after, with clear patterns that will help ­inform childcare plans.

“Local authorities are still the main provider of nurseries, family centres and playgroups with a reduction of places in the private and voluntary sector.”

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Glasgow has lowest level of childcare
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