Joy Burch's office fails to respond to daycare centre for six weeks

Management of a childcare centre which is set to be moved to make way for the Canberra Services Club say it took six weeks to hear back from Education Minister Joy Burch’s office, despite multiple attempts to get in touch.

Manuka Occasional Childcare Association committee president Paula Claudianos said she had attempted to make contact via email, phone calls and even letters.

But a spokeswoman for Ms Burch’s office said while the centre had contacted the minister’s office in February, the Chief Minister had responded for himself and Ms Burch on March 3.

The government announced in February that Manuka Occasional Childcare Centre would move to make way for the Canberra Services Club, which burnt down three years ago.

Ms Claudianos said the association had tried to get in touch with the minister to discuss the move and the centre’sconcerns about it.

“It’s disappointing because it would be really lovely to be engaged with them at all, but it just doesn’t happen,” she said.

“I would have thought in this day and age, in a contemporary liberal democracy, that there would be some obligation to at least return calls or letters.”

Ms Claudianos said after first attempting to get in touch in February, the group had received an email in April which told them the matter didn’t fall under Ms Burch’s portfolio.

Ms Burch’s spokeswoman said the matters raised by the centre fell under the portfolio responsibilities of the Chief Minister, as minister for economic development.

“The issue did not relate to the regulation of childcare or early childhood education policy matters of which minister Burch holds responsibility,” she said.

The spokeswoman said the Chief Minister had also been asked questions about the centre in the Assembly Chamber.

“Minister Burch appreciates [their] commitments to early childhood development and care and gives the assurance that the government will be in touch again to further work through the issue,” she said.

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Joy Burch's office fails to respond to daycare centre for six weeks
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