Plans for new childcare center proceed

Posted: Thursday, October 2, 2014 2:47 pm

Plans for new childcare center proceed

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In response to a shortage of childcare in Audubon County, the newly formed Audubon County Childcare Needs Group is firming up plans to open a Child Care Center in a wing of the Friendship Home in 2015. 

A group of concerned citizens has spent over a year discussing possible solutions to a countywide shortage in childcare options.  As a result, the need for a childcare center became apparent.  According to Cindy Duhrkopf, the Area Director of Partnerships 4 Families, “A licensed childcare center could provide families with another option and consistent availability for care.  Audubon County is the only county in the surrounding area without a licensed childcare center.”

The group began exploring possible locations for a center including local churches, homes or even building a new facility.  When the Friendship Home announced the closing of its Residential Care Unit, the group asked if they could potentially use a portion of the space.  “According to State Fire codes, childcare facilities have to meet high standards; the Friendship Home already meets, and exceeds, those criteria and therefore remodeling some of their space is much more economical than rehabbing another space or building from scratch,” said group member Leslie Sporrer.  Even better, a childcare facility within a long-term care center offers a unique sense of community for the residents and the children. 

“Everyone at the Friendship Home is excited about the relationship with the Audubon County Childcare Needs Group,” said Genelle Deist, Foundation and Marketing Director at the Friendship Home. “It’s a priority for us to find ways to utilize the facility to serve the community, and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity to do that. The chances for residents to interact with children, as well as the bonus for our staff of having an on-site day care, are priceless and will greatly enhance quality of life for everyone involved. It also does not prohibit long-range plans for the Home to adapt to meet the future needs of long-term care in the community.”

The Group is currently working to firm up their budgets, hoping to begin fundraising later this year to pay for the needed renovations and beginning operating expenses.  They expect the Center to have room for up to 45 children and employ 7 full-time staff. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014 2:47 pm.

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Plans for new childcare center proceed
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childcare – Yahoo News Search Results

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