Report outlines childcare cash impact

Girls at the blackboardThe government estimated about 240,000 children would benefit once the policy was fully rolled out

Figures have been released by the Scottish government which aim to show why independence is needed to achieve a “transformational” shift in childcare.

The SNP says an independent Scotland would provide 1,140 annual childcare hours, for one year olds to school age.

New analysis of the policy impact said a 1% rise in corporation tax take, NI, VAT and income tax, and a 1% saving in benefits would boost revenue by £350m.

Critics have pointed out that much more can be done now to improve childcare.

Increasing childcare provision is seen by the Scottish government as addressing one of the key barriers to involvement in the labour market, especially among women.

Scotland’s Future, the Scottish government’s White Paper on Independence, which was published in November, pledged 30 hours of childcare per week in term time for all three and four-year-olds, as well as vulnerable two-year-olds. The longer-term goal was to extend this to all children aged one to school age.

The Scottish government estimated that about 240,000 children would benefit once the policy was fully rolled out.

After the SNP laid out its vision for childcare, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont called on First Minister Alex Salmond to “put his money where his mouth is and make a difference right now”.

However, the Scottish government said the policy was impossible within devolution because revenues generated by a larger female workforce would go to the UK Treasury.

The Scottish government has now issued a new paper saying why they believed independence was necessary to recycle, as they put it, the dynamic effects of any boost to economic activity.

The report, seen by BBC Sunday Politics Scotland programme, suggested the extra revenue from more women in the labour market would be fully retained in Scotland under independence. If the union remained in place, the report said only about £45m would accrue directly to the Scottish government.

The paper also said the policy would have its own impact on employment, with the required expansion of childcare services helping to create up to 35,000 new jobs in the sector, doubling the current workforce.

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Report outlines childcare cash impact
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