Save Money On Childcare: What To Look Out For

Save Money On Childcare: What To Look Out For

Finding the right childcare is pramount/Google ImagesFinding the right childcare is pramount/Google ImagesNOW that has presented you with a diverse range of childcare options, we will devote this week to what you need to look out for when searching for childcare providers. Nothing is more important than your child’s safety; although we urge you to prioritise cost-effectiveness, ultimately your child needs to be cared for in a protected and safe environment. So what should you look out for?


One of the first things to look out for is the reliability of the childcare service provider. Barring the costs, try to ensure that your childcare provider is licensed and properly regulated. Don’t hesitate to ask a childcare or daycare centre if they are licensed to operate. Ask the other parents who have children in the centre if they are satisfied with the quality of service provided. A certain degree of snooping is encouraged: drop by unannounced during the day (if you can manage it, of course) to check up on your child and to discover what’s really going on. Listen to your children when they relate their day to you; probe them about any suspicious or untoward activity.


Be a conscientious parent and scope out the facility before you make your decision. Ask if a member of staff is conversant in CPR and other emergency procedures. Especially for those with children under the age of 3; make it a point to asking about the staff-to-children ratio. The world is a hazardous place for small children and they must always be carefully supervised. If you can, spend a day with your child at the centre, observing what goes on (and what doesn’t). Private babysitters are even trickier. Make sure that their home is baby-proof and ask the babysitter what she would do in an emergency with your child under her care. Ideally, find someone trained in childcare and who has had years of experience.


How hygienic is the daycare centre or the babysitter’s home? Do they practice hygienic habits? Hygienic or unhygienic practices can either have a positive or detrimental effect on your child’s health. You want to determine the cleanliness of the place in which your child is going to spend the bulk of his/her day. A good sign is plenty of anti-baterial wipes and frequent hand washing after changing of diapers. Another thing to look out for is the sanitary preparation of food and whether or not utensils are properly washed. Unfortunately, small children have weaker immune systems and are very vulnerable to illness, so be sure that they are kept in a clean environment.


If you can, find a childcare location that is closest to your home, if nothing more than for sheer convenience. If you have to rush across town to pick up your children after work, then rush back in the opposite direction home-bound, perhaps you need to re-think the location of your childcare provider. Always factor fuel costs when deciding where to place your child too. It also goes without saying that some areas are safer than others, so be aware.

There are a myriad factors to look into before you decide where to place your child during the day. As elaborated in this guide, there are many considerations to keep in mind, so carefully weigh out the costs and benefits before you commit to a daycare or childcare service provider. We should imagine that nothing is more precious to a parent than their child’s well-being. With that in mind, we urge you to explore your options with much deliberation and caution. While we live by frugality, never cut down on costs at the expense of your child’s safety!






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Save Money On Childcare: What To Look Out For
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